Services Outside The Temple

Our Priests offer pooja in traditional South Indian Style. All poojas can be arranged. If taking part in the pooja, please wear traditional Indian clothes.

The suggested expenses and donation to the temple are listed below, along with the services offered. Kindly provide your full name and address (for account books and tax reclaim purposes). All pooja sponsors kindly liaise with a committee member ASAP. Additional food items can be specially requested, at extra cost, please d/w Mr Prem Alamantha on 07843602134.

  • Griha Pravesam  £250.00 (Pooja £140, Materials £50, Priest £30, Travel £30)
  • Homams £250.00 (Pooja £140, Materials £50, Priest £30, Travel £30)
  • Satyanarayana Pooja £250.00 (Pooja £140, Materials £50, Priest £30, Travel £30)
  • Wedding £551 (Plus travel and priest expenses)